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Sunday, October 22, 2017

News About My New Book

One of the many questions that a writer must answer on a constant basis is, "When is the next book coming out?"

The standard answer is generally, "It's in the works."

The truth may be that it is being worked on. Yet, the truth may be that the writer has no idea what he or she is going to write about next. Another truth may be that the author is going through a type of writer's block brought on by a tragic event in their life and is working through it, slowly but steadily.

I've written about my temporary blockage (sounds like I need a laxative) on my other blog, "That's Life ... Sometimes!!!" I've used it as an excuse long enough.

If the need to write wasn't in me, I couldn't be doing this tonight. I'd be sulking in the dark corners of my mind, looking for a reason to put it off for another couple of months ... or years.

The only way to write is to sit down and do it. Procrastination and excuse making doesn't get the job done. Forcing yourself to face an empty screen and move forward with the fingers pounding the keyboard produces. The production is getting ready to begin.

My first book, "Horror Across The Alley" has done well.  It has sold steadily since May.  My second book, "They Lurk In Darkness" hasn't done as well. Oh, it's gotten great reviews, but it just hasn't moved as well. I guess people don't like stories about man's best friend turning against them after they've deserted them. Too much guilt for many to deal with, I imagine. Perhaps, it's the cover ... the title ... the blurb description on the back cover or in the Amazon description. The lack of professional marketing could be another reason. It has been said, "You can have the best book ever written there, but if the people don't know about it, the book will never sell."  I'm sure that's a factor, too.

So, I've dealt with the rejection and the depression it brings long enough. My friend that was murdered with her husband in their own home cannot weigh on my mind forever. I've got to shake it off and move forward.

I was working on two books when the event took place. One was a twelve-year-later sequel to my second book and the other an out of genre comedy about Bigfoot. The latter had been pushed aside one morning as the sequel came to mind. Within eight hours, I had a complete outline/timeline of the novel, twelve characters (most of them new) developed, and two chapters completed.

The next day, I heard about the murder. To say it didn't hit me hard would be an understatement. Later that week, I drove six hundred miles to the funeral, met with the newspaper editor that covered the story, and the investigating officer on the scene. I knew I must write about it to do honor to my friend. It was my new obsession in life.

Since then, my mind has refused to cooperate. It seemed that the event started a cavalcade of events that pulled me away from the keyboard. The target on my back grew larger and larger, sending more and more obstacles to deal with in my direction.

But, it is time to end that. Oh, one day, if the murderer is ever caught, I may go back and write about it. But, at this time, the story has no end ... only another question mark.

Life moves forward and I'm for sure not getting any younger. The day of reckoning has come. It is time to move on, to type words and create a story that others will want to read.

So, "When will my next book be out?"

It's in the works!   

And, this time, that's the truth!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

All Versions Now Available!


Finally, Amazon has both versions of "They Lurk In Summer" on the same page!

Yes, whether you're interested in the Kindle version, or the print version, you can get the one you want without going back and forth in Search!

Don't delay!  

Get your copy TODAY and begin 
the summer vacation from Hell!

Friday, July 28, 2017

"They Lurk In Summer" is now published!!

Amid battles with covers, designers, illness, and getting it published, "They Lurk In Summer" is now available!!

So, what's different in this one vs. "Horror Across The Alley" you ask?

First, there's no paranormal or supernatural involvement.

This is a tale of four kids during their summer vacation way back in 1966.  They simply want to enjoy their summer free time as most kids do.

But, there's the reality of a pack of man-eating dogs to deal with, as well as venomous reptiles and human villains involved.

This book is actually forty pages longer than my first, which is the reason for the slight price increase. (When they charge more to print, their accepted minimum selling price goes up. That's Amazon.com for you.)

Grab a copy of the Kindle edition Kindle Here  or your Print Edition Print Copy Here .

Enjoy the rest of your summer, with "They Lurk In Summer" today!

And, don't forget, be sure to leave a review on Amazon.com when you're done!


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Slight Delay On New Book

Welcome back!

For those of you wondering what's happening with the book that should have been published by now, I have to tell you some terrible news ... it's been slightly delayed.

"Slightly" in that means a couple of weeks.  The actual writing is done.  The advance readers have all checked back in and their recommendations have been applied.  I give these folks an A+ for their efforts.  Not only have they taken the time to read what I wrote, several acted as editors, noting typos and other minor problems.  The major item that they've helped with is finding plot holes, and suggesting ways to make the story better.  They've all excelled at that.

So, why the delay?  Two reasons: 1) the cover and 2) my own dissatisfaction.

I've used a different person this time for a cover designer.  I wasn't dissatisfied with my previous designer as she did a very fine job on my first book.  No, we tried it, but this one just didn't click.  I wanted something special this time.  We tried several ideas, but none hit home.  I guess I'm getting picky in my old age. We agreed with all the twists and turns in this book, it might be better to go with someone that does Horror genre covers this time. 

So, this person agreed, took my money, and finally, yesterday presented their first offering.  I wasn't happy.  There were several aspects that made me wonder if I'd been listened to at all.  The font was wrong, the main "bad guy" looked like he was sedated, and all were dressed in winter clothing.  The title of the book has the word "summer" in it.  Winter clothing won't work!  There was also an age discrepancy in one of the characters presented.

All were noted and a revision is in the works.  When it will be done is now the question.

The second topic, my dissatisfaction.  Have you ever done something and it turned out great?  Just when you thought you'd really done well, someone from the background critiques it and knocks it badly.

All the reviews received for "Horror Across the Alley" have been either four or five stars on both Amazon and Goodreads ... except one.  This week, I received my first two-star review.

I have done what others have suggested, fought the impulse to comment about it.

It is well known that you can't please everybody, no matter how hard you try.  Still, this person wrote something like, "no action, all they do is talk, boring, predictable and corny ending."

Now, my first thought was that this was a troll.  Then, I considered the fact that in the Horror genre, you have those that could care less about the characters and only want constant blood, gore, guts, and veins in their teeth type horror.  

But, as far as predictable, that told me the person really didn't read it. 

Then, I researched the individual and found the highest review they've ever given on any book they're rated is three stars.  

So, I didn't feel so bad.

But, it did something to me.  Even though I loved what I had written, I wanted to make it better. I've tossed ideas around, thrown some out, and am still working on some.  I'm cutting, adding, and rearranging. In between, I'm dreaming about it. (I actually woke up this morning with another idea for the book I'm working on.)

I'm figuring a maximum of two more weeks before completion.

If you'll have a little patience, I assure you, the wait will be well worth it.

Stay tuned in and I'll keep you updated.

On a final note ...

My Kindle version giveaway was a success in that I gave away over 425 books.  Now, I need to ask you, if you've read "Horror Across The Alley", to please go to Amazon.com and leave a review on the book if you liked it.  It would be greatly appreciated.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Maria Jordan Interview about "Horror Across The Alley"

See Maria's Interview Here!
Great news!!!   

As I hinted at last posting, I was lucky enough and honored to have myself and my book the subject of an interview!

So, who was this person that interviewed me?

The one and only Maria Jordan!!

I'm sure many of you are familiar with her, but there may be some saying, "Who's Maria Jordan?"

First, she's a wonderful person and I'm proud to know her. Maria and I first became acquaintances years ago when I was writing different things for Hubpages.com.  I found her to be exceptionally professional and extremely well educated.  She saw something in my writing that I didn't and became a constant visitor to my posts.

Secondly, Maria has been through her own real-life experience in Hell. I won't go into details, but you can watch the Investigative Discovery Channel's program about it here:  A Dangerous Mind: Investigative Discovery Channel ).  

Maria is not only a survivor but her determination to put the experience behind her and continue as one of the most respected individuals in her profession make it an honor to know her.  Expanding into other areas of expertise, she's demonstrated her interview skills time and time again over the years and has developed a huge following in that area.

I was shocked when she asked me to do the interview!

Only a first-time book author, there are many more deserving of her time and efforts. But, she chose me, instead. For that, and for making the process as easy as she did, I have to say to my cyberspace adopted sister, "Thanks, Sis! You have no idea how much it means." 

So, check out the interview (here's the link: Horror Across The Alley interview ) and if you haven't yet purchased my book, why not give it a shot.  There's more than one person that have said they didn't care for the Horror genre that have been more than mildly surprised in reading Horror Across The Alley.

Until next time, 


**Btw:  Yesterday, Amazon.com had a major hiccup and was down for hours.  If you attempted to order the book during that time, please realize it wasn't just my book, but all books and many other departments that we affected by the glitch there.  

Friday, May 26, 2017

It's A New Day And A New Blog!

Horror Across The Alley At Amazon.com Click Here
  Welcome to the first post of my new blog. Having published my first book, I felt it time to expand and create a place that best reflects my writing efforts, keeps you up on what's in the making, and provides links to some of my favorite authors. (Coming Soon)

  I first want to thank all of you that have ordered "Horror Across The Alley."  Your continued enjoyment is why I do this and I sincerely hope the book didn't disappoint you in any way. 

  There's no formality here and I hope you feel free to make plenty of comments (hopefully positive) about what's taking place and if you're enjoying it or not.  I'm hoping for truthful reviews and comments, positive or negative from those stopping by. I appreciate all criticism, as long as it is presented in a constructive and professional manner, rather than mean and evil. (Let's leave that to some of the characters in my writing. Cool?)

  (However, if you're a troll home on a Saturday night, since no one will accept you in a relationship, please, go pick your pimples and find something else to do rather than try to act like a superior being and post typical troll crap. I'll know better and so will the other readers, so don't make a fool of yourself. Go troll Huffpost comments. You're good at that!) 

* * * * *

  So, In February of this year, a wonderful, close friend of mine, Terrye Toombs, jumped all over my tail about not finishing a novel that I've been working on for over a decade. It's a tremendous piece of work, but for the life of me, I couldn't come up with an ending that wasn't cliche or done before. I was frustrated, and her not so nice comments about not finishing it made me even more upset.

  She finally made a suggestion ... start another book instead of wasting my time on the first. (See ... women really are smarter!) I tossed the idea around a few days, came up with an idea, and started typing. I neglected several things (a beginning, an ending, an outline, etc.) which would have saved me a tremendous amount of time in the rewrite/edit stages, but we all have to learn. Right?

  Anyway, I had the first draft done in just over a week. The next two months were spent doing all the stuff writers hate ... rewriting, editing, finding someone to make a cover for a Kindle version as well as print ... you know, all the "fun" stuff.

  Terrye pushed me and never let up. She's the only person I know that can make you feel the crack of a whip in Facebook Messenger.  Did I know what I was doing? Hell, no, not in the least. But, I was learning little by little. Her support was non-stop and I owe her a debt of gratitude that I'll never be able to repay ... even on a monthly payment plan with reduced interest. 

  Finally, with much trial and error, mostly on my part, Horror Across The Alley was published. I need to thank Carolee Samuda-Bailey for giving freely of her time and coming to my aid in this part of the process. Carolee also designed the book's cover. (Great job! Isn't it?) 

  Of course, on the day both versions were to be made available to the public, a couple of glitches were found and availability was delayed for 27 hours. Talk about stress. My wife knew when it finally all came together, and I'd been up about 32 hours straight staring at the computer screen waiting for it to happen, to just leave me alone.  

  Were my troubles over? Not in the least. The first batch of books was published with five typos or pronoun problems that had gone undetected in the final editing. Once again, changes were made and the book is now viewed as corrected. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will stay that way.  If you happen to have one of the "typo" copies, hey, hang on to it. I'm old and won't be around forever. It might be worth something one day. (My wife is holding tightly on to hers in hopes of that taking place.)

  I did an author's review of the book in my other blog, "That's Life ... Sometimes!" a couple of weeks ago. I won't bore you with that again, but if you missed it and are interested, here's the link to it.

  So, that's part of the story behind "Horror Across The Alley." If you haven't got your copy yet, shame on you. Even if you're not a horror genre fan, I think you'll enjoy it.

* * * * * 


  I was just fortunate to be interviewed by a person that is known for her interviews in the professional arena, and survived her own personal horror experience. I'm not going to tell you who she is, but I will say the interview will be published on June 7th. It contains a lot of information I didn't mention here, as well as some about a future effort of mine. I'll post a link as soon as it is released!!!


  Book Two is currently in production. The first draft is completed and the "fun" stuff is now on the table. It looks like the middle to the end of June, if the cover and such are completed by then. I will say that this one is not a paranormal chiller, but rather one that deals with real evils that have faced us for decades.

Thanks for coming by!  
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