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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Change Is Our Friend ... Especially For You, The Reader

I was once ordered to believe, "Change is our friend."  If I failed to do so, I would be terminated.

I did as told, and taught that for years until I learned that "change" in the eyes of my employer meant screwing over people by increasing hours and decreasing sales percentages. I left that employer for another, but quickly found them to be the same. Twas the way of the industry in which I was a participant for many years. I'm sure it still leads the way in ensuring the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Such being, it seems to be the prototype for much of government today.

Yet, there are times that changes are a necessity. Not for profit, although it may come, but for quality of work and product. 

Recently, I was accepted into a Mentor Program with the Horror Writers Association. In doing so, I submitted several chapters of my second book, "They Lurk In Summer" for review.

My mentor is a well known and highly respected individual, genius in my book, by the name of Jason V. Brock.  Check out the link. His accolades speak highly of his efforts and many achievements.

Jason took the time from his already hectic schedule to rip my writing apart, which was exactly what I wanted. He showed me ways to make the writing more interesting for the reader, get points across without pages of description, and provided me with a way of thinking that was first difficult to grasp, but with practice, has become much easier to accomplish.

That was after only an hour phone conversation.

He's sharing his valuable time with me ... a novice. I'm privileged to have his help and treasure his comments. It's making me a better writer for you, the reader.

Thus, a change has to take place. Instead of working on a new novel, I'm rewriting the old, making it the way it should have been published. Samples have been given to a couple of my previous advance readers and the comments received have been tremendous. The changes make the book not only easier to read, but grab the reader with additional strength and passion. It's a much higher level of writing. A level I didn't have the knowledge of reaching at one time, but am gaining it through the program.

I ask for your patience while I do this. It is my opportunity to grasp a skill set that will help to make future efforts well worth the money you spend on them, and more.

I guarantee, you won't be disappointed!