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Monday, August 3, 2020

Additional Writing Delays Due To Family Tragedy

As if dealing with a shoulder/arm injury wasn't enough to hinder my physical ability to write, I am now having to deal with a family tragedy that will delay any writing time until much later in the future.

On July 17th, I hit the road to take a 250 journey to my father's home in Indiana. I hadn't been able to get up with him since the previous Saturday and was concerned that either AT&T wasn't ringing the phones in the house (a previous problem with them) or something else was going on. After arriving, I was unable to get any response to my knocking or phone calls once again, so I used my key to enter the home through the garage and into the kitchen. 

The house was silent, uncommon for 1pm as he'd usually be watching television. I noticed a mass of dead flour beetles on the counter ... another uncommon occurrence even though he had battled with them for several months. Normally, they would be cleaned up. I searched the upstairs before heading into the basement where he had taken up residency since the death of his wife (my stepmother) in 2016. It was ominously quiet and dark.

I first checked to see if he was in the bathroom. Having suffered the last few months with prostrate problems, I figured this would be where he was at. No, I was wrong. It was empty. Finally, I headed back toward his bedroom thinking he might be taking a nap. It was there I found him ... dead.

There is no shock like finding the dead body of a parent.

As my father didn't believe in air conditioning, the heat had obviously been a factor in his body decomposing much faster than normal. In fact, he didn't even look like himself at all. I won't go into any further detail out of respect for him, but I will say it's a sight I'll never forget.

I immediately called 911. The call went something like this:

"Yes, my name is Richard Rumple. I just drove up from Lexington, Ky to check on my father and found him dead. I don't know who you need to contact, but please do so."

"Are you sure he's dead?"

"Ma'am, there is no doubt."

"Why don't you go and check to see if he has a pulse?"

"Ma'am, there is no doubt he's dead. He has started decomposing."

"Well, it wouldn't hurt for you to check and see if he has a pulse."

"Ma'am, there is no damn way I'm checking. He is dead. Take my word for it."

"Alright, if you're sure ... I'll contact the sheriff's office and ambulance service. What's the address there?"

Why is it so hard for someone to believe that we're not all dumbasses? I wouldn't have called her if I hadn't been sure ... at least not to report his demise.

Anyway, first the deputy arrived and I had to go all over the discovery details with him, and then did the same with the County Coroner. Finally, they'd taken him away and I was alone in the house.

I look back at my thoughts at that time. He was eighty-six years old and had been suffering. He'd just been told he'd have to wear a catheter for the rest of his life, was beginning to show signs of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, and we'd discussed the possibility of him entering a nursing home. He'd told me several times he was lonely and ready to give up. I thought I'd talked him out of that direction. I guess I was wrong.

We buried him the following Wednesday.

I am now dealing with what he left behind. If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen the pictures. Yes, he was a hoarder. I am in at least a six-month process of cleaning up all he left stacked and piled behind. This last week was spent checking the expiration dates of canned goods and such, finding all but thirteen cans or bottles had become outdated. Over sixty trash bags await a dumpster that will arrive soon. That is only from the kitchen and it's not even completed yet. I have a long way to go.

My wife and I plan to move into the house after I finish the clean-up and necessary remodeling. This could take up to a year depending on the speed of myself and contractors. Obviously, they cannot start before I clean the place out of the mess that would only hinder their efforts. Thus, writing will just have to take a backseat for the time being.

I hate this, more than you know, but life must go on. I do still plan on making my appearances at Scarefest 2020 and the Haunted Majestic in October (if they go as currently planned with pandemic concerns rising), but I'm afraid I won't have any new offerings at either show. My apologies. I hope you understand.

It may also be a while before I post again. The clean-up is taking most of my time and I'm sure you're not interested in a play-by-play account of its progress.

So, until next time, "Ciao!"

Monday, July 6, 2020

So, You Wonder, "Where Has He Been?"

Okay, it's been a while since I've done an update on my blog, so let's do it!

What have I been writing lately?


I know that sounds bad, but there is a reason. Let's go back in time a bit.

September 2019, Scarefest.  It was a great show. I met many great people and I sold a lot of books. But, about a week after, I came down with what is commonly called the, "Scarefest Crud of 2019." It took most of two months to get over a major cold/flu type virus that seemed to originate at Scarefest.  Needless to say, there wasn't much writing take place.

I managed to do a show for a couple of nights in West Virginia at the Haunted Majestic. This had the best promoters around ... business-oriented, caring, and did exactly what they said they would and more. Again, I sold a lot of books and met a lot of great people. The only bad thing was being exposed to the cold of the evening as our booths were outside. After just coming off of the "Scarefest Crud", this put me right back down on my back in bed.

During December, all the junk I'd caught turned into pneumonia. Some called it "Double Pneumonia" as pneumonia is generally only when one lung is affected, but both of mine filled up with junk. I've since found out that this has hit many people and some are saying it was Covid-19. I'm not saying it was or wasn't, but I did have to go to the hospital for outpatient treatment several times a week.

During these preceding months, I was able to write a few short stories that have been published, but any major writing was put on hold.

Just as I started to get better, one afternoon I decided to chance a trip to the mailbox. I got to the porch and became extremely light-headed and very dizzy. I fell, shooting out my left arm to break my fall. There was immediate pain upon impact. The diagnosis was a cracked shoulder blade. Treatment was scheduled, but then delayed as hospitals closed their doors to all except Covid-19 patients.

So, for almost seven months, I've dealt with unrelenting pain from the middle of my back, down through my arm, and ending in my fingers (which become very numb after typing for five or ten minutes). I have to sleep for a few hours at a time in a recliner as it limits my movement. Sleeping in my bed was fruitless, as any time I'd start to roll over the pain would wake me up mercilessly. So, numbness, pain, and lack of sleep have been my constand companions.

Needless to say, all of this ruins the flow of storytelling as I have to stop typing the rest of the day, or until the pain subsides and I get feeling in them back. I called several times for appointments, but was put off due to Covid-19 and told they'd contact me when they were accepting them again. They didn't.

Finally, after another one of my calls, they said they were accepting appointments, but since it had been so long since mine had been scheduled, they needed the doctor to request it again. She did, and I had one set for June 9th, one day before my 66th birthday. What a birthday present!  I couldn't wait. But, a few days before it, I was called and told it had been rescheduled for July 8th. A few weeks later, they rescheduled it for the afternoon of July 9th. Since then, they've changed it to the morning.

As this writing is of July 6th, no further changes have taken place. I'm hopefully a "Go" for Thursday.

So, that's why you haven't been receiving writing updates. I'm not complaining, nor making excuses. As things happen, they happen. You just have to deal with it and handle it the best you can.

I'm hoping things get better so I can complete a sequel to "Train of Blood" and part two of "Garbriela: Tales From a Demon Cat" in time for this year's shows. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So, until later,


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Join me tonight at the Haunted Majestic!

I will be in Huntington, West Virginia tonight for Part Two of my appearance there at the Haunted Majestic. Would love to see all who can make it. I'll have copies of all my books and be available from 6-10 pm. Stop by and say "Hello!"  

Check out all the information 
at the link below!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Train of Blood NOW AVAILABLE and Scarefest is this weekend!

Train of Blood is now available at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle versions. Make sure you pick up your copy today!!!

Okay, sounds like a sales pitch, right?  Well, damn it, when a writer spends months of their life putting down and fine-tuning a story, they need to find an audience who appreciates their efforts. Let's be real, when was the last time you devoted six to eight hours a day toward something and received nothing for it? That's what I thought. So, you can see why it's important to a writer for his audience to purchase a copy of their efforts.

In addition, a writer has many expenses most don't realize. Editors aren't cheap. Neither are cover creators. And, advertising isn't free. It takes quite some time just to break even. I'm not bitching, just being honest. We love creating, but aren't here to give our efforts away for free, either. 

Anyway, here is the link to pick-up your copy. I sincerely appreciate all who decide that they're not too good to purchase a book from someone they know who puts their heart and soul into each word they put into print.

In addition, if you don't want to use your credit card on Amazon, I'll be at the Deadman's Tome table at Scarefest this coming weekend, Sept. 13th - 15th. Along with me there will be three other fantastic authors ... James Watts, Chris Miller, and Tony Evans. Stop by and see us there if you can. This year's Scarefest has a shitload of special guests you'll want to see. In fact, here's a link for you to take a gander at and drool.

So, that's it for now. Train of Blood and Scarefest ... two things you need to break open your piggy bank for this week. Hey, if you get a cup of coffee at Starbucks every day, you can afford the book and the event.

Till next time ...


Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sorry, I've been busy!

So, what's been happening in my life?

Glad you asked.

Life can be vicious at times. In addition to all my other responsibilities, I've been helping my eighty-five-year-old father fight against telemarketers and scam artists who seem to devote themselves to bilking the life savings of the elderly. I consider every one of them to be lower than the scum of the earth, less beneficial than whale shit at the bottom of the ocean, and totally worthless as human beings. If I had my way, I'd transform each and every one of them into characters in one of my novels and find even more gruesome techniques to kill them in slower and more pain-filled ways than I've already written about. 

If you're a telemarketer guilty of bilking the elderly, and I've offended you, 
Go consume defecation 
(which is a nice way of saying something else with the same meaning).

Anyway, I've been busy as hell. I just completed the first draft and am almost finished with the rewrite of a novella I expanded from a short story. I always loved the short, but I am infatuated with the novella version. It's a Western/Horror story about a wagon train and what they run into during their journey to the promised land of California. It, in my mind, is one of the best things I've ever written and can't wait to get it available. The story goes to the editor this weekend and will be out in plenty of time for my appearance at Scarefest 2019, which is September 15-17 (I think, lol). I'll also make it available on Amazon for those of you too wimpy to drive to the show.

I also just had a short story released in the writers' anthology, "Mr. Deadman Made Me Do It." I took the idea for the story from an actual Kentucky legend about a young girl's ghost that tried to escape her grave with so much intensity, the bars on a metal picket fence were bent outward from the grave. You can purchase the book of shorts, which has several other great stories by fantastic authors in it at Amazon.

"Deranged Minds" is still doing well, although the reviews have been exceptionally slow in coming in. I think there are some who fear having their name associated with something so dark ... you know, politicians, I.R.S. employees, and Catholic priests and such. If you've read the book, please don't hesitate to write a review on Amazon. The book could sure use some.

I'm also waiting on two more anthologies to be published as I'll have stories in both, and I'm in the middle of writing two different novels. I won't disclose the plot lines as of yet, but let us say the Medical Industry may not be pleased at the revelations discussed in one about the common advertising phrase they use ... "Preventive Oriented Testing" actually meaning "Profit Oriented Temptations."

As mentioned, I will be at Scarefest this year, along with two other authors in the same booth. James Watts and Chris Miller will be joining me in selling our wares and autographing all purchased. Film Stars, Bruce Campbell and Linda Blair will be making a personal appearance there, as well as many others with whom you're familiar. Check it out at the link below.

And, coming this fall, I'll be making a special guest appearance for two nights (October 17th and 24th from 6-10 pm) at a haunted barge called The Haunted Majestic! (Yeah, they're paying me to be there ... can you believe it?) If you can't make it to Scarefest, don't miss me at the barge. It should be a fantastic time!

So, with my busy season of the year coming up, I may not post as often (that's a joke, you know my inconsistency in doing so already), but when I do, there will be something you'll want to read.

Until next time ...

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I have been told I need to post links to my books 
more often.

Actually, I think most of you probably already 
have the books, so the links are far from 
necessary additions.

Still, the person who was kind enough to make that
recommendation sells 
substantial amount of books ... 
more than myself.  

Who am I to argue with success?

So, here is a link to all my books, as well as 
each book individually 
(If for some reason you like clicking on links.) 
That is a fetish I never got into 
 "Hey" do your own thing!"

My first novel  Horror Across The Alley

Novel Number Two  They Lurk In Summer

Short Story Collection

My Latest w/ Charles Lynne

So, there you have it. Click away to your heart's desire. 

**Warning: Doing so around midnight 
may awaken spirits you don't want to meet ...
or do you?


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Deranged Minds now available at Amazon.com

The long awaited 


is now available !!!

Twenty-Two dark stories of murder, mayhem, and torture are now yours at an introductory low price.

Pick up the Kindle or Paperback version today!

Your nightmares will thank you for it.

Available at Amazon.com