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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Soon, my friends ... soon!

My apologies.

I've been writing full blast to get enough short stories to publish a book of them as I've previously stated. I've only got a few more to go, so please have patience.

Let me say this, I'm going to take the recommendation of Ray Bradbury if I ever partake of a task like this again. To come up with enough ideas and concepts to put together a book of shorts all at once is a tremendous undertaking. One, I might add, should never be attempted all at once. No, Mr. Bradbury's recommendations were to write one when it hit you, hold on to it, and then write another when you felt the urge. When there were enough to find a common theme for, then put it all together in book form, such as what he did in The Illustrated Man.

That is the way it should be done and will be if ever I do this again (which you know I will, lol).

The rewrite of They Lurk In Summer is also progressing nicely. Many changes, both in adding and subtracting parts of the story, rearranging the timeline to make it an easier read, and converting the passages to my current style are taking place. It won't be a totally "new" book, but when you read it you may think it is.

So, that's it!

Thanks again for your patience. I'm going to be a part of Scarefest here in Lexington, Ky. in September.  All books will need to be done by then, as well as a million other things in preparation. Feel free to contact me on Facebook if you wish, or via email rcrumple@aol.com.  I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.