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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A Quick Update

A quick update.  My novella is currently being edited. It will be the first book of a two or three book series, dependent upon public acceptance. I say this as it is not really a book of horror. It is more of a graphic thriller entailing murder without remorse, deceit, and werewolves.

I hesitate to go into much more detail at this point as the book has not been sent to any publisher as of yet for review. Those who have had the advantage of being advance readers have said it to be action-packed and filled with unthinkable twists. There have also been comments stating they were unable to put it down and can't wait on the second book to magically appear in front of them. 

I have just finished a short story to submit for a dark erotica anthology that will be released sometime next year. It, too, is awaiting editing completion before submission.

Another author, Charles Lynn and myself are co-writing another book of short stories at the current time. This book's first draft is almost complete. The rewrites and self-editing lie ahead before professional editing is called upon.

In addition, I am in the midst of writing another novella, as well as a full-length novel. Good things are beginning to happen as my author page on Facebook now has well over a thousand followers and a group of well-known horror writers is accepting me as one of their own and taking me under their wing.

The future is busy but very bright. As always, I sincerely appreciate your support.

Many Thanks,