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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I have been told I need to post links to my books 
more often.

Actually, I think most of you probably already 
have the books, so the links are far from 
necessary additions.

Still, the person who was kind enough to make that
recommendation sells 
substantial amount of books ... 
more than myself.  

Who am I to argue with success?

So, here is a link to all my books, as well as 
each book individually 
(If for some reason you like clicking on links.) 
That is a fetish I never got into 
 "Hey" do your own thing!"

My first novel  Horror Across The Alley

Novel Number Two  They Lurk In Summer

Short Story Collection

My Latest w/ Charles Lynne

So, there you have it. Click away to your heart's desire. 

**Warning: Doing so around midnight 
may awaken spirits you don't want to meet ...
or do you?