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Friday, July 28, 2017

"They Lurk In Summer" is now published!!

Amid battles with covers, designers, illness, and getting it published, "They Lurk In Summer" is now available!!

So, what's different in this one vs. "Horror Across The Alley" you ask?

First, there's no paranormal or supernatural involvement.

This is a tale of four kids during their summer vacation way back in 1966.  They simply want to enjoy their summer free time as most kids do.

But, there's the reality of a pack of man-eating dogs to deal with, as well as venomous reptiles and human villains involved.

This book is actually forty pages longer than my first, which is the reason for the slight price increase. (When they charge more to print, their accepted minimum selling price goes up. That's Amazon.com for you.)

Grab a copy of the Kindle edition Kindle Here  or your Print Edition Print Copy Here .

Enjoy the rest of your summer, with "They Lurk In Summer" today!

And, don't forget, be sure to leave a review on Amazon.com when you're done!



  1. Thanks for this exciting announcement, dear Bro.

    Looking forward to reading - this will be next on my summer reading list.

    Congratulations - love and hugs, Sis

    1. Thanks, Sis! I just now saw your comment. I do hope you enjoy it! Your Bro. :)