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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Maria Jordan Interview about "Horror Across The Alley"

See Maria's Interview Here!
Great news!!!   

As I hinted at last posting, I was lucky enough and honored to have myself and my book the subject of an interview!

So, who was this person that interviewed me?

The one and only Maria Jordan!!

I'm sure many of you are familiar with her, but there may be some saying, "Who's Maria Jordan?"

First, she's a wonderful person and I'm proud to know her. Maria and I first became acquaintances years ago when I was writing different things for Hubpages.com.  I found her to be exceptionally professional and extremely well educated.  She saw something in my writing that I didn't and became a constant visitor to my posts.

Secondly, Maria has been through her own real-life experience in Hell. I won't go into details, but you can watch the Investigative Discovery Channel's program about it here:  A Dangerous Mind: Investigative Discovery Channel ).  

Maria is not only a survivor but her determination to put the experience behind her and continue as one of the most respected individuals in her profession make it an honor to know her.  Expanding into other areas of expertise, she's demonstrated her interview skills time and time again over the years and has developed a huge following in that area.

I was shocked when she asked me to do the interview!

Only a first-time book author, there are many more deserving of her time and efforts. But, she chose me, instead. For that, and for making the process as easy as she did, I have to say to my cyberspace adopted sister, "Thanks, Sis! You have no idea how much it means." 

So, check out the interview (here's the link: Horror Across The Alley interview ) and if you haven't yet purchased my book, why not give it a shot.  There's more than one person that have said they didn't care for the Horror genre that have been more than mildly surprised in reading Horror Across The Alley.

Until next time, 


**Btw:  Yesterday, Amazon.com had a major hiccup and was down for hours.  If you attempted to order the book during that time, please realize it wasn't just my book, but all books and many other departments that we affected by the glitch there.  


  1. If I do say so myself, I have amazing instincts, dear Rich.

    I am not at all surprised by the quality of your breakout book, because you are a passionate and gifted writer.

    Interviewing you was my pleasure and thank you for these kind word of introduction to your readers.

    Off to Amazon soon to write my "overdue review" - shared this post too!

    Love ya, Maria (Sis)

    1. Maria, you're a dream come true. Thank you so much for everything you've done and all the time you've devoted (which I know is very valuable). Your words are only too kind. Sincerely, all my gratitude.

      Love ya back, Rich (Bro)

  2. Hey Rich
    Great to hear of your well-deserved fame as an author - I must get myself a copy. And your perspective on life, and sense of humour, shine through in the interview. Take care

    Bryan Jones/Gary Sidley

    1. Thanks, Gary! Words like these from such a professional means a lot to me. I appreciate you taking a look and commenting greatly! Many Thanks! :)

  3. Dear Rich, Maria Jordan is a brilliant interviewer. She is actually brilliant in many other fields. It is an honor to have her as a friend. I'm ready to read your book; it is already in my library. Best of luck with the sales.

    1. Martie, so good to see you here. I'm in total agreement about Maria and her talents. You are so correct when you say it is an honor to have her as a friend. I've felt that way since the first time she and I talked. I hope you enjoy the book, and thank you so much for taking a chance on it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you won't be disappointed. Many Thanks!

  4. Hi Maria and Richard...
    Great interview and congratulations to you both. Back in the old days in the other place we wrote we became a family in short order. I smile at some of the names mentioned and have made note to find them and re-establish contact.
    Thank you for sharing your journeys and they remain solid and steadfast with live and respect...

    Hugs from Canada

    1. Rolly, Thanks so much for stopping in! I remember the past well and miss many old friends and relationships. Alas, had moderating been equal for all, I would probably still be there. Maria and I appreciate your comments. She is a dream come true, as she has always been. Many Thanks, my friend!