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Friday, September 7, 2018

Scarefest 2018 ... Come See Me!

September 14th-16th is coming ever so fast.

(Well, it's the same as always, technically speaking, but it seems faster than normal.)

Anyway, Scarefest 2018 promises to be a fantastic event.  Lots of special guests, many of my writer friends, and all sorts of speaking engagements and art booths to partake.  Don't do anything but make plans to attend.

It will be worth it, believe me!

Look for me behind these signs.

and this table cover
(it will be straightened out then)

My wife and I will be wearing these T-shirts.

So, really now, if your eyes are open, you'll find us!

Really, you will!

See you there!!!


  1. I sure did miss this post - but happy to see from your latest that The Scarefest was as spooky as a success as you'd hoped. Great job, dear Bro!

    1. Thank you so much. It did go extremely well after the initial shock of having my table shoved to the back row when it was supposed to be front row center. lol Still, the number of books sold and the fans demanding I sign them felt very good, especially for my first show. Thanks, again!